Cozy Christmas Gifts for the Traveler in your Life

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While Christmas shouldn’t be just about buying presents and watching made for TV movies I always enjoy picking out special things for the people I love. Today I thought I would share gift ideas to make the traveler in your life feel more at home when on the road.

I own (and love) both of these products! For years (28 years to be exact) I wasn’t a coffee drinker (GASP!). I never liked the stuff and couldn’t understand what all the hoopla was about. That is until I moved to Melbourne. Call it coffee-snobbery but I have never in my life been in a place with so much delicious coffee. James (my husband) and I soon got into making our own filtered coffee at home and the Porlex grinder became a staple in our kitchen. When we made the decision to leave Melbs and travel en-route back to Canada we decided to pick up an Aeropress so we could always enjoy good coffee on the go. Both products are super easy to use and compact enough to fit into the backpack of even the most minimalist traveler you know.

Sackcloth + Ashes Blanket

A Sackcloth & Ashes blanket may not change your life, but it could have a positive impact on someone elses! For every blanket purchased, SC+A will donate a blanket to someone in need at your local homeless shelter. And, sure, not everyone will want to travel with a blanket – but after checking their instagram account you may change your mind! Some serious travel goals right there!

Aritzia Blanket Scarf

Ok, so you don’t want to travel with an actual blanket? Then at least settle for a blanket scarf and get the best of both worlds! Years ago, some girlfriends got me one of these scarves for my birthday. At first  I was confused – how do I wear it? Will it swallow me whole? It basically did, and I loved it. Blanket scarves are a great way to stay warm, cozy up on a plane, or have an impromptu picnic!

This was featured on my ‘travel essentials‘ list and guess what? It’s so amazing it’s getting a shout-out here too! This eye mask is so soft and silky, and unlike others it actually stays on my face! Plus the ‘Starry Night’ pattern is dreamy, isn’t it?

Ok this one could be purely because I’m Canadian but there is nothing better than slipping on a pair of Roots Cabin Socks and cozying up with a good book (aside: the Kindle Paperwhite – also mentioned in my essentials – is also a fantastic gift idea!).

What are the comfy things you travel with to make you feel more at home on the road? Anything special you have on your Christmas list this year? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Happy Holidays!
-Catie xx

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